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A New Paradigm that considers both material science and the inner reality of the psyche as a more complete description of reality.

Signs of Transformation


By Larry Kozoyed We exist in a time when all we seem to be able to perceive  are problems . . . problems . . . problems; the media seems to paint our existence as 99% problems.  These problems include lack of energy, climate change, social conflict, resource shortage, human health, wealth and poverty, criminal… Read More

The Unitas Hypothesis: A New Paradigm


This blog was originally posted on April 16, 2014, was Blog #14, and written by Larry Kozoyed. This Holy Week, and specifically today on the Eve of the Triduum, once again I am contemplating a question which I have and continue to contemplate for many years, “Who is the Christ in our world today?”  And… Read More