This blog was originally posted on February 5, 2014, was Blog #3 and written by Larry Kozoyed.

Often times, when we let go of external distractions and allow ourselves to enter the inner reality of our souls or the place where the Divine feminine lives, we may find it not only useful to journal these experiences but to share them with those special individuals in our lives such as our soul mates, our spiritual mentors and/or, indeed, psychological professionals.

In this way, when we interact with these special angels (or Rainbirds), we may contribute in a much deeper way to the growth and development of our feminine side.

I found the painting, included here, on a Joseph Campbell website some years ago.  But after a long search, I could neither find the artist nor determine if the painting was copyrighted.  Nevertheless, I was so inspired by its imagery that I crafted my little story about it.

2005 08 20 rainbird


by Larry Kozoyed 

in flowing rain drops,
collected by a roof,
flowing to earth
on a journey,
back to mother’s birth
within the sea.

Via woman
wearing a long white dress
standing in the seque pool.
She be about receiving
the sacred flow.

being cleansed,
embraced by the stream
from top of her head
to tip of her toes.

Raising her arms akimbo
giving thanks
offering semaphore signal
with a diamond image of

She invites
She receives
She shepherds
She stewards

For all the ones
within her flock.

God bless her, forever.