This blog was originally posted on April 16, 2014, was Blog #14, and written by Larry Kozoyed.

This Holy Week, and specifically today on the Eve of the Triduum, once again I am contemplating a question which I have and continue to contemplate for many years, “Who is the Christ in our world today?”  And so the purpose of this post is to explore my experience and reflections on this question.  My experience and my answers can be found in The Unitas Hypothesis: A New Paradigm.

In science the term hypothesis is typically used when one presents a new but unproven idea.  While the Unitas paradigm is new, it is not about science alone . . .rather it goes beyond science.  Yet the term hypothesis is used here and retained to make it clear that this author makes no claim that the results of the IFM studies or conclusions concerning integral reality are universally accepted.

The Unitas Hypothesis provides a statement, a new paradigm of a more authentic reality, about how the human, as well as how the universe, is evolving.  Conventional wisdom is based on materialism or a paradigm that authentic reality is an objective empirical search for purpose and function for the human condition as well as the growth and development of our planet.  From the beginning of science, most scientists have not been able to assimilate any new concepts that dimensions other than objective empiricism define reality.  Processes such as the reality of the psyche or religion are not considered real but sourced in Mystery.  Hence we continue to be faced with a disconnect between material science and the inner reality of the psyche.

The sources for my work are primarily a search for truth as discovered within the collective unconscious using analysis of dreams both unconscious and conscious (active imagination).  In this way I mine the psyche seeking to manifest the truth in the objective.  This is the process of Analytical Psychology as defined by Carl G. Jung.

There are some, particularly those who support the efforts developed in the work of Teilhard de Chardin, who claim that the conventional sense of society (i.e. the human’s sense of reality) is incomplete and causing its dysfunction.  While some are beginning to accept a new paradigm that both material science and the realm of the psyche are two different forms of reality, the concepts of form, dimensions, and interactions between the two have yet to be clearly identified.  The terms conscious and unconscious are typically used when referring to the outer physical and the inner psychic realities, respectively.

The dysfunctions in society are complex and have a negative effect.  Dysfunctional society may include addictions, obesity, mental health, family relationships, racism, all forms of discrimination, and war to name a few.  A major dysfunction in our planet discovered only recently  in the past few decades is global warming.  Recent reports from a UN panel suggest that governments are not doing enough to control global warming and that only an intensive push in the next fifteen years can stave off potential disaster.

My point here is that healing is required to deal with these problems.  Objective science alone is incomplete and cannot authentically begin to solve them.  An integral approach between and among science and psyche will be necessary in order to assist in unveiling the mysteries present in vast knowledge of the psyche.  Only then will science have a front seat to the manifestation of the mysteries of Creator God’s evolving Creation.

As a practicing scientist for over 25 years and researcher of the psyche and spirituality for the past 25 years, in 1989 I changed direction and set my coarse  to find substantive links between science and spirituality.  Since I have discussed many of the individual ideas in previous blogs, my purpose here is to provide a summary.

The Unitas Hypothesis

1.  The Creator of the Universe is Creator, God: A Triune God including Divine Father, Divine Mother, and Divine Spirit.

2.  Creator, God’s Presence in the universe is expressed as Love.

3. The nature of Creator, God is Energy

4.  God’s Loving Presence in the universe and in humans is expressed as energy.  This energy may be expressed as three manifolds, each containing Divine Masculine Energy, Divine Feminine Energy, and Divine Holy Spirit.

5.  Each manifold expresses four dimensions: alignment, perception, evaluation and response.

6.  Each dimension becomes a modality of Creator God’s Loving Presence in each of the Three Triune Realities: Father (Divine Masculine Energy), Mother (Divine Feminine Energy), and Holy Spirit (Divine Union of Father and Mother).

7.  The initial four modalities define the dimensions of Divine Consciousness.

8.  The second four modalities define the dimensions of Divine Subconscious.

9.  The last four modalities define the dimensions of Divine Spirit.

10.  The set of three manifolds with four modalities each showing Creator God’s Loving Presence form a set of twelve modalities which are summarized in the table below.

11. The primary purpose and function of human individuals and the planet is not only to interact with Creator God’s Loving Energy but to interact with each other and the planet in order to achieve wholeness.

12. The process of interaction between and among Creator God and all the people and the interactions between and among the people and the planet are all connected but not linear.  The process of creation is indeed quite complex and this movement towards complexity requires that it be evolutionary.



Divine Modalities Dimensions Human Personality Types Human Gender Energies
Divine Masculine Human Gender Male Mode
1.  Energy Alignment E – Extrovert Masculine Energy
2.  Order Perception S – Sensate Feminine Energy
3.  Life Evaluation T – Thinking Feminine Energy
4.  Community Response J – Judging Masculine Energy
Divine Feminine Human Gender Female Mode
5.  Liberty Alignment I – Introvert Feminine Energy
6.  Awareness Perception N – Intuitive Feminine Energy
7.  Authenticity Evaluation F – Feeling Masculine Energy
8.  Articulation Response P – Articulation Masculine Energy
Divine Spirit  Modes Available For Individuation
9.  Unity Alignment  Unity
10.  Vision Perception  Vision
11.  Wisdom Evaluation  Wisdom
12.  Creativity Response  Creativity

A number of conclusions may be reached from the forgoing:

1.  In all the Divine Modalities, Loving Energy is the link in a complex structure where the Twelfth Modality, Creativity, is the bottom line for survival.  A creation process where the Fourth Modality (i.e. which implies Community-based Masculine Patriarchy) would be the bottom line.  This Patriarchial view is incomplete and ultimately leads to failure.

2. The form and structure of all energy waves indicate they include both masculine and feminine energy.  Masculine energy is extroverted; feminine energy is introverted. Hence masculine energy is about objectivity; feminine energy is about the inner reality of the psyche or soul. It is the Ninth Modality, Unity (Unitas in Greek) which lends its name to this hypothesis.

3. It is the sacred non-dual union (i.e. interactive dance) which offers Vision, Wisdom, and Creativity to the evolving process.

4. It is the fact that the Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine, and the Divine Spirit are linked which gives rise to the term Integral Reality.

5. While humans are created as gender males and gender females, as creatures of Creator God’s image, both are created with the capacity for interacting with both masculine and feminine energy

6. Healing takes place between humans, the earth, and Creator, God in an all encompassing process of individuation, a story of oneness.  All becomes integral; all evolves into Divinity.

7. The human destiny for Divinity is not only real, it is available for all humans and within itself offers the potential for CELEBRATION.  A Celebration for the Divine Energy of God’ Loving Presence in our lives as we interact with Creator God and each other, as we dance with science and spirituality (body, soul, and Spirit).

From Paul’s Letter to the Romans, God calls us to share his glory.  This is our celebration.

Romans 8:28-30:  “We know that by turning everything to their good, God co-operates with all those who love him, with all those that he has called according to his purpose.  They are the ones he chose especially long ago and intended to become true images of his Son, so that his Son might be the eldest of many brothers and sisters.  He called those he intended for this; those he called he justified and with those he justified he shared his glory.”

And so, I ask myself, “Where is the connection between Jesus and The Unitas Hypothesis?”  This question is similar to the question, “Who is the Christ?”  Is “Christ” the last name of Jesus or is it more appropriate to call Jesus in reality the Archetypal Christ?

It is my experience that the time has come for a deeper understanding of “Who is the Christ?”  For me, The Unitas Hypothesis is a new paradigm and a candidate which offers this deeper awareness.  The Archetypal Christ then would be that Incarnate Divinity which embodies the Twelve Modalities of Creator God’s Loving Presence in creation.

First Incarnate Human: Jesus the Christ



This Incarnate Divinity is a divinity which we are all called to evolve into.  We are called to do, to be, and to become the Incarnate Divinity in unity with the Divine Father, Divine Mother, and Divine Holy Spirit and inherit the Reign of God (Heaven) as proclaimed by Jesus the Christ.

Evolving Incarnate Humanity

human divinity

What I have presented here to aid in understanding Integral Reality only scratches the surface of this New Paradigm. In subsequent blog posts, I will be developing the concepts of The Unitas Hypothesis in more detail. Further, a book is under development which will include a more comprehensive story and codex for Integral Reality: a New Paradigm for understanding the Archetypal Christ.