This blog was originally posted on February 6, 2014, was Blog #4, and written by Larry Kozoyed.

It was in the spring of 1989 that I set out to conduct my very first research experiment here at the Institute.  The process I would be using would not be that of objective science but a process whereby I would begin with an entry into a meditative state.  In reality, this mode of operation would take me into my intuitive.  Carl Jung called this activity a search for information contained in the collective unconscious.  Ervin Lazlow would later refer to this activity as entering the Akashic field.  In any case, my perception and understanding became to be that this was the region of the Soul and the place where God lives.

Over time, my understanding became that God seeks to communicate with us not so much with direct language but images and symbols.  Dreams that reveal images and symbols are called sleeping dreams and awakened dreams.  Awakened dreams are generally referred to by many as Active Imagination.

So that, whenever I would conduct my experiments, the process I would be using would be a direct communication with the presence of Creator God by connecting with my sleeping dreams or Active Imagination.  In either case, journals would be maintained in order to facilitate and interpret or evaluate the dreams and respond accordingly.

This APER dimensional manifold shows how alignment, perception, evaluation, and response fit a well-defined method of interacting with Creator God or any other entity we may seek to align ourselves at any particular time.  This APER manifold may be used when searching the objective reality of science or searching for the inner reality of the Soul.

Getting back to my dream from the spring of 1989, it was late at night.  I was walking the fields behind my home; an acreage of almost two hundred acres.  My eyes were closed as I stood under a very tall pine tree and I was clearly in Active Imagination mode.  When doing this activity, especially early in one’s experience, it can be very difficult.  The aim is to block one’s conscious mind of any and all distractions so that any imagery or symbolism which is seeking to find its way out of the collective unconscious can manifest itself clearly.

Within a very short, fleeting moment, an image of what appeared to be a very ancient gold coin presented itself, and then disappeared.

Reflecting and considering this image, my first thought was that I was going to become very rich.  I quickly dismissed this conclusion because I already had the distinct notion that this was not the plan.

The most probable interpretation which made much more sense to me was that the coin was circular and the circle is a very strong image of wholeness; therefore, the plan was much more likely for me to become whole.  To become whole, I had learned, was not about becoming perfect but more about growing and developing through individuation and I accepted this conclusion.

Somewhere deep within my intuitive perceptions, the realization would emerge that my experiences of individuation just may apply at a universal level.