This blog was originally posted on February 7, 2014, was Blog #5, and written by Larry Kozoyed.

Following my first experiment in Active Imagination, which can be found in the blog entitled, “Finding Gold,”  I found myself anticipating my next experiment with great expectation.  This experiment began on the second day.  I was focused with a conscious question vector which I had hoped would lead me into an inner journey searching to find some very direct guidance on how to connect science and spirituality.

The focus was strong yet when I found myself at the boundary of consciousness and Active Imagination, my focus became completely obliterated.  My question, “How do I connect Science and Spirituality?” seemed too direct and so, the question I actually posed was, “What questions should I be asking?”

In this experiment, I was somewhat more direct than simply trying to make my conscious mind a blank.  However, now it seemed appropriate to provide the conscious mind with a tag so that the collective unconscious would have something definitive to latch onto.

The results came back almost immediately and the results were in terms of words and phrases rather than images and symbols.  The results were presented as a directive to answer four questions.  The four questions were:

        1. Who am I?
        2. Where am I now?
        3. Where have I been?
        4. Where am I going?

When I first pondered these questions, I wondered if I was being asked to ask personal questions of myself or questions about Creator God.  After a while, my discernment became that the questions applied not only to myself personally and Creator God but to each and every entity within Creation that I would interact.

For example, in subsequent experiments, I would be asking questions about my own personal journey, such as questions about the past, present, and anticipated future.

Similarly, I would enter a regular dialogue with Creator God, as outlined by the Prophet Jeremiah and described in the section of the Book of Jeremiah, Chapter 31, The New Covenant.

I found the descriptions of the New Covenant most discernible as I would be reading The Jerusalem Bible.  I would find myself using this bible on a regular basis as I conducted my research.  The symbol on the cover of “The Jerusalem Bible” is the Jerusalem Cross and this cross became my constant companion.  Indeed, with the beginning of each new day and often times with each new precious moment, I would find myself signing myself with the Four Questions in a manner very similar to the way I had signed myself with the Sign of the Trinity.

{In subsequent blogs, I will explain how the four questions would guide my way.  That is my journey into a deeper understanding of how the connections between science and spirituality were evolving and being revealed to me.}