By Larry Kozoyed

We exist in a time when all we seem to be able to perceive  are problems . . . problems . . . problems; the media seems to paint our existence as 99% problems.  These problems include lack of energy, climate change, social conflict, resource shortage, human health, wealth and poverty, criminal activities, natural resources, population growth, and inequality to name a few.

I wonder sometimes if we will ever find a moment just to really believe solutions to some of these problems will find their way into our collective consciousness? Perhaps our limited beliefs are constrained by our limited view of reality.

Are we aware that only 5% of our knowledge can be found within our consciousness (i.e. our objective science.) On the other hand 95% of our knowledge is hidden beneath the mystery of our subjective unconscious.  So, I say again and I repeat what I have said in previous blogs, the path to success in revealing the mystery of the subjective unconscious (i.e. the term collective unconscious as coined by Carl Jung) is to manifest it into our conscious using Jungian Depth Psychology. Perhaps there are signs of transformation on the horizon.

At the very heart of the great story (See “The Universe Story” by Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme) is the unfolding scientific reality that the human condition actually fits into the reality of the unfolding evolving universe.  Indeed this is a significant sign of transformation.

And our main problem today is not the litany of problems I listed in the first paragraph of this blog, our primary problem is:

“We just do not know who we are?”

And the first clue to the authenticity of this statement is that we remain stuck in an ancient world view of a one dimensional, one objective reality world view.  As my previous blogs have indicated the unfolding evolutionary energy of the universe is now revealing itself to the human condition as an Integral Reality, not only Divine Masculine Energy, but Divine Feminine Energy and the non-dual union of these Divine Energies.  Indeed,  the sixth modality in the sequence of the Twelve Modalities (i.e. Awareness) celebrates the very depth of perception available to the human condition.

The bottom line is that the twelfth modality indicates that Creativity (i.e. Creators in unity with Creator God is who we are.)  Yes, we dance with all Twelve Modalities in oneness and Unity with Creator, God and with all peoples of the human condition.

This Integral Reality is who we truly are.

We are free; no one can dictate or tell us that we must accept it.

It is just possible that as more folks resonate with this new reality, the more the universe, indeed planet Earth, will be in a much better position to begin a deeper healing for its problems.

Now the key to understanding this extended reality of our existence is not about education or training.  Rather, it is about a deepening of self awareness.  It is about listening to the energy from within; listening to the revelations available to all of the human condition.  It is about a more complete reception of the Presence of Creator God’s Loving Energy in our lives.

This is self mentoring.

The universe is showing the human condition that it seeks wholeness; truly a magnificent sign of transformation.