A story by Larry Kozoyed (c) April 3, 2016

It’s the 2nd Sunday after Easter and I am reflecting on the post-communion meditation I will be offering to my Living Waters Sanctuary community in Virginia Beach, VA.

The words of this communion meditation have been offered on several previous Sunday services at LWS when my pastor asked me to fill in when she took leave. I also used these words at Agape meals (i.e. Love Feasts) on various occasions in my home.

But this Sunday things were quite different, my pastor was about to take leave from her church community for good; a community she had founded and nurtured for 10 years.

Not only had attendance been dwindling, but she had suffered a sudden attack of cancer and after considerable prayer and reflection she believed Spirit was calling her to live with her daughter and move to a western state over 2000 miles away.

While intuitively I felt this change may be coming, I was stunned by the news.

In a moment I thought of the funeral mass of Justice Antonin Scalia which I watched on live television from the National Cathedral in our nations capitol just a 2 months ago. But, my thoughts now were not about death but rather about rebirth.

Yes, now in the midst of an Easter season, my focus continues to remain on rebirth. Christians are celebrating the death and rebirth of Jesus the Christ. While all mankind, may  they be  from any culture or persuation (e.g. Muslim, Jewish, Taoist, Buddist, Agnostic, Atheist or whatever) all celebrate. And none can deny the beauty and rebirth of Springtime. And Spring is that moment in time when Creator, God’s loving energy speaks.

The word of God comes forth with the sacred sound as each seed spouts and each seedling and says, I am . . . the fabric of Creation.

So one might ask, “Where did I get this notion; where did I find these words?”

I found them carved in granite in the lecturn or podium on the side of the altar of the National Cathedral as I watched the proclaimers at the funeral mass of Justice Antonin Scalia.

While I could not quite discern the message when I first saw these words on TV, this morning on the 2nd Sunday of Easter they became manifest in my consciousness.

What follows is my post-communion meditation which I authored during lunchtime at a “Come to the Waters” workshop sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Richmond at a hotel in Virginia Beach 20 years ago. I began these words as an opening prayer to begin the afternoon session.

Lawrence William Kozoyed
April 1996
Revised May 24, 2009



A seed is the word of God.

I see a field of wheat
Gently blowing in the wind.
I see kernels of seed
Becoming milled into flour.
I see hands at flex and feel
Finding integrity within dough.
I see dough becoming unity
Warming and growing into bread.

Beloved, take this bread
Bless it
Break it
And pass it around your people.


I see a vineyard
With grapes held by a Presence of arbors
May I touch and feel its verdant fruit
At rest yet ripening with insipient strength
I feel the pregnant urge to bring forth the fullness
The integrity bursting from within
I feel the taste of this new wine offering unity
Growing and warming within its flow

Beloved, take this cup
Bless it
Drink it
Allowing it to flow within your people

Let the Christ within, seed of body and soul
Become the garment we don and assume.

The body and blood
We embrace and consume
New knowing, New covenant and
At One with the Presence
The fabric of the Christ.


No ending
No ending

No ending now
No ending ever
Now and forever

A seed is the word of God



As I have noted in previous posts, while many Christians declare that Jesus is the Christ, my interpretation of the intergral reality of Jesus is that he is the archetypal Christ; the first of many sisters and brothers (Rom 8:28-30). As such, Christ is not just the last name of Jesus but the archetypal pattern or prototype of all humans. We as humans are called to seek wholeness and our divine destiny by patterning our lives, seeking healing with our endowed rights and loving energy. See my previous blog posts: The Jerusalem of the Future and The Unitas Hypothesis: A New Paradigm.