This blog was originally posted on February 28, 2014, was Blog #10, and written by Larry Kozoyed.

In my previous blogs, I discussed the relationships between the color of light and energy.  Energy is a function of the frequencies of the various wavelengths.

Now I want to shift my discussion to wave shapes and explore how I see them acting like metaphors for the most fundamental processes unfolding in the universe.  Here I choose not to use the science of mathematics and the associated language of equations because the language of mathematics is not appropriate for the entire universal scope.  Rather, it’s the shape of waves that I find interesting.

My earliest take on the most fundamental processes unfolding in the universe were the activities of giving and receiving.  In today’s blog, I will explore how wave shapes may be appropriate to use as metaphors to aid in the understanding these fundamental activities.

My perception of this primary activity was at first two fold; namely, giving and receiving.  A third primary activity emerged when I realized that the interaction activity or dance between giving and receiving yielded this third primary activity, which I refer to as Spirit.

Waves may be expressed as very complex structures like the waves shown on the header of this blog.  But, to help you understand waves better, let me share with you in simplest detail what they look like.  When expressed graphically, they may be shown as periodic mathematical functions.

The “sine wave” or “sinusoid” is a mathematical curve that describes a smooth repetitive oscillation.  It is named after the function “sine,” of which it is the graph.  It occurs often in pure and applied mathematics, as well as physics, engineering, signal processing and many other fields.  Its most basic form as a function of time “t” is:


As you can see, the sine function appears as a wave.  This simple function has peaks and valleys with maximum values of time “t” at “pi/2” and minimum values of time “t” at “3pi/2.”  The amplitude is the value “1, -1” which occurs at the peak and valley of the function, respectively.

Similarly, the “cosine wave” is a sinusoidal function that describes a smooth repetitive oscillation.  The cosine function is identical to the sine wave if its amplitude or height and its wavelength are the same except that its phase is shifted at values of time “t=pi/2.”  Its most basic form as a function of time “t” is:


Here the wave has a dominant image of “valley” with “peaks” at both times “t” = 0, and “t” = wavelength, “2pi.”

When both sine and cosine waves shown on the same graph, the phase shift is evident.


While I have chosen to express waves as mathematical functions, I now shift focus from math and use the wave shapes to represent the fundamental activities of the universe.

I wish to designate the sine wave shape as gender male.  I wish to also designate the cosine wave shape as gender female.  It is the shape slopes which I wish to designate as either masculine or feminine energy.  Positive or increasing slopes will represent masculine energy while negative or decreasing slopes will represent feminine energy.

From these definitions, one can see that both gender males and gender females contain both masculine and feminine energies.  As I will share in more detail in subsequent blogs, gender is independent of masculine or feminine energy.

I see the sinusoidal wave shape during the first half of its period, like the crest of an ocean wave, “giving” to the flow of energy.  “Giving” is an expression of masculine energy.  I also see the sinusoidal wave during the second half of its period, like a trough of an ocean wave, “receiving” the flow of energy given by the first half of its period.  “Receiving” is an expression of feminine energy.

Let me be clear, both gender males and/or gender females have the capacity to both give and/or receive.

As I have discussed in previous blogs, it is the universe which is expressing itself as Divine Masculine Energy, Divine Feminine Energy, and the Divine Spiritual Dance between the two.  This is the action of Creator God’s Loving Energy.

In my next blog, I will discuss how the human condition has opportunity to respond to Creator God’s Love Energy and how wave shapes may help us understand this giving and receiving.

This is also metaphorically illustrated by the particle duality of light waves.  Light may be considered as either a particle or a wave.