This blog was originally posted on March 10, 2014, was Blog #12, and written by Larry Kozoyed.

In my blog, Responding to Creator God, Blog Post #11, I discussed how my awareness of the bottom line of creation had changed from a human centered energetic loving process to being centered on all living creatures and indeed all of nature itself.  This conclusion is underlined by the proposal that God’s energetic love may be depicted more completely with the Twelve Modalities and which center on the action of the twelfth modality itself, which is creativity.  Here we can see a shift in world views from a view that evolution is human centered to a view that evolution is creation centered.

While this does not mean that anything within the processes of God’s Loving Grace has actually changed, it strongly suggests that our ability to understand God’s Grace is particularly advanced and that it allows us to see that a Creation Centered Spirituality[1] offers a much more authentic path to wholeness.

It also suggests that our current refusal of human beings to become interactive members of the community of the earth is quite incomplete and is leading to our own destruction.

[1] Matthew Fox has devoted his career to unleashing the suppressed mystical and life-affirming traditions within Christianity and other faiths.  His theology of Creation Spirituality—the belief that we are born in “original blessing”—earned him the headline-making censure of the Vatican, which officially “silenced” Fox in 1989, and precipitated his dismissal by the Dominican Order in 1995.  Now an Episcopalian priest, Fox is the author of 28 books and his website is