This blog was originally posted on February 4, 2014, was Blog #2 and written by Larry Kozoyed.

Is it possible to be in two places at the same time?

For example, if we are standing somewhere on the surface of the planet or on a mountain, conventional reality would strongly indicate reality is what we can perceive with our senses and evaluate with our thinking processes.  This is the essence of objective science.

On the other hand, if we are located in a water basin such as the ocean floor, conventional reality would indicate that we would not be able to perceive or evaluate objectively the reality of our location because our perception would be veiled just as the ocean floor is covered with the sea.

Now consider that the land rising out of the depths of the hidden ocean floor must have a slope that is positive where the sea ends and traverses to the furthest elevations of the mountains.  So, too, as the ocean floor slopes downward at land’s end by the shore with a slope that is negative.  These physical characteristics, like a beautifully crafted piece of art, provide us with a very interesting metaphor for scientific or objective outer reality and subjective inner reality, respectively.  In subsequent blogs, I will show that the creation of the earth, indeed, the creation of the universe, is an energetic process which involves the union of outer reality and inner reality.}  Yes, if we allow ourselves to stand at water’s edge, we can in reality be in both realities at the same time.  {I will further show that the inner reality is the reality of the soul and that, on an archetypal level, these energies represent divine masculine energy and divine feminine energy.

Indeed, I will show that as the union of these energies emerge, the archetypal realities of non-dual Divine Union in Spirit; Divine Vision in Spirit; Divine Wisdom in Spirit; and Divine Creativity Spirit evolve.  Further, they evolve within interactive archetypal and dimensional modes of alignment, perception, evaluation, response (APER).  The APER modes or modalities will be shown to occur at all three levels of reality, namely: divine masculine, divine feminine, and integral non-dual union of Spirit.  Hence, an energetic system of twelve modalities will be shown to be and become the archetypal basis for the evolutionary and unfolding manifestation of Integral Reality for both individuals and the universe.  And, indeed, it is within this archetypal construct that the realities of objective science and quantum physics begin to emerge.  This integration should be very interesting to see evolve.

Since we as humans all have access to the archetypes of the collective unconscious, we may claim our Divine inheritance; an inheritance which will grow and develop with time.

The little story or poem below was inspired and written many years ago while I walked the shores of southeastern Virginia.  For me, it was and still is so powerful that it is embedded in my psyche.  It also reminds me of the regular Friday night workshops which I facilitated at a spiritual resource center in Virginia Beach, Virginia, named “Dolphin Tales.”  I simply share it with you at this time since it gives me deeper purpose for centering meditation.


Somewhere Between Darkness and Light

by Larry Kozoyed


We can walk safely
along water’s edge
exploring the beach
experiencing warm feelings.

Yet quite innocently
not be aware
of danger lurking
in nearby ocean depths.

But, ahhh…
what lovely gift.
A Dolphin’s Tale emerges
we ponder a tale of our own.

between cool darkness
and warm light
merges the divided.

Perhaps the Creator
has provided a place
for us to listen,
and respond

to the mystery.